Cheap Tickets Booking Formulae

When you are excited to go on a vacation, and you go online to book flight tickets within your budget. But, when you could not find ticket price within your budget after exploring lots of options online. When you do not find good deals within your budget after spending many hours online, you get exhausted, and your valuable time goes in vain and all your excitement bursts. And, sometimes you become angry and cancel all your vacation plans. It happens, right? Am I right?

Then, say yes! what are you waiting for? I know it. I am saying this with lots of experience.

But, don’t worry, I can assure you if you follow the below points while booking online, you will never regret throughout your life:

So, here are some of the valuable things you always have to keep in your mind whenever you book flight tickets online. Here we go:

a). Always keep your departure and return dates on weekdays, why? good question, you may explore yourself. Here we go:

If you choose your departure and return dates on weekends (Friday / Saturday / Sunday), you end up paying much higher fares than weekdays fares. So, always try to keep your travel dates on weekdays as far as possible.

eg: If you want to depart on Tuesday, and you want to return after ten days.
Try to keep your return date either of the weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).

Being little flexible with your travel dates will save your hard earned money for sure.

Exception: Sometimes, you may not find flights on weekdays for certain destinations. In that case, you do not have many options to choose.

So, always try to choose your destination where you get many options to choose online which helps you to save your hard-earned money.

b). If you are a frequent traveler, many airlines / travel agencies offer lucrative option every time you book flight tickets with them.

eg: If you are a frequent traveler, many airlines give you certain free points / credits every time you book your tickets which helps reduce your ticket price the next time you book with them.

In the same way, if you book with certain travel agencies frequently, you earn reward points which you can use next time to reduce your ticket price.

c). Always try to book your flight tickets at least 6-7 months earlier than your travel dates. This formula always works and saves a lot of your hard-earned money.

d). Be flexible with your travel plan specifically with your travel dates. When you are flexible with your travel dates, it helps you to get the much cheaper price if you book early.

Always remember, earlier you book your flight tickets, cheaper the fares you will be able to book.

e). Also, look for the best price guarantee option. Many travel agencies have this feature. First, you should understand how it works.

f). You may also save some amount by using discount coupons / promo codes while making payments.

You can go for the best price guarantee claim if you book your tickets on a website, however, when you check it on the other website, you find a cheaper price than your ticket price. And, when it happens, you need to check the eligibility first before you go for best price guarantee claim:

Below are the points to check your BPG eligibility:

1. Your booked itinerary must exactly match with the other website means each and everything must match with your booked itinerary. e.g, your travel dates, airlines, flight numbers, number of travelers etc.

So, it must be an apple to apple match only then, you can go for BPG (Best Price Guarantee) claim.

2. You must have to inform the website within 24 hours of your booking time about this price difference. You need to take the screenshot of the same as you need to share it on the website you already have your tickets.

3. After 24 hours, BPG claim is not applicable.

4. So, once you become eligible for BPG claim, you get the refund of the higher value paid. So, it can also save you a lot of money.

I will keep on updating more points on how you can save more while booking online.

I’ll also update some travel agencies / airlines names which offer such options on my next series.

So, keep on reading and sharing this with your peers as well so that they will also benefit.

Also, do not hesitate to ask your queries related to travel. Just jot it down.

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