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This blog is the most favorite part of my life and I am sure It is going to be yours as well if you do not know it.

Any guesses here…

I’m sorry, I can’t hear. Oh, my gossh…


Sorry, I can’t understand you.

Oh!! my goodness…is it too difficult?

But, do not worry, you will definitely going to have it for your life forever.
Believe me, I am not joking buddy.

It is really going to touch your heart beat when you listen in your ears and feel it in your heart.

I know, you are very curious, what is it about?

Hmmm… it is the most important asset on your itinerary..Yes..the favorite..Yes..It is your TRAVEL INSURANCE.

Yes, it is always advisable to have your trip secured by purchasing travel insurance to avoid any kind of havoc which may or may not occur during your trip.

I will take some of your valuable minutes to answer your beloved question why you should purchase travel insurance and later I will tell you some of its benefits.

First of all, please ask this question to yourself: why you should have travel insurance every time you travel?

Good question!

Allow me to ask you this question before I answer your question.

Why do you purchase life insurance / medical insurance?

Why don’t you hesitate to pay premium for it?

Then, why do you ignore it when you want to have pleasure in your life?

Why do you ignore it when you want to celebrate your life with your family members?

Don’t you believe that your family is not important for you?

Don’t you ever think about their importance in your life or your importance in their life? How you easily forget it?

It is a very tough question I am asking with lots of experience.Yes, after having rich experince in travel industry, most of people ignore it.

Why I am asking all this questions from you?

You buy your favorite car, mobile, house etc and you do not hesitate to insured them all of your valuable assets no matter how much premium you need to pay for them.

So, why do you ignore it when you want to celebrate your life and when you are on vacation.

This is in fact I believe the most important asset you should have on your trip.

Don’t you believe that your family is important for you?

How do you put you and your family life in unforeseen circumstances just for the sake of small amount of money which requires to pay for insurance which cost nothing if value your family.

When your trip is insured, you definitely going to feel better and confident than anybody else on your trip for sure.

Having travel insurance secures you and your family from any unforeseen circumstance / medical emergencies that may happen during your travel.

You never know what would happen in the next moment in your life. So, it is always advisable to secure your trip. If you do so by spending some of your hard earned money, you secure your entire trip.

There may be circumstance which may occur where you find yourself helpless when you are away from your home.

You never know when you need medical help on your vacation, that moment, you will realize that having travel insurance would have taken care of it very easily and I am sharing this with with lots of experience being in the travel industry.

What you need to do is just contact your insurance provider and explain a little bit of your situation and rest will be taken care of by the insurance provider.

Now, I am sure you now you will never ignore yourself and your family’s life whenever, you plan your vacation like me.

If not…do let me know. If you have any questions. I am here to serve you.

Now, if you understood the value of purchasing travel insurance, you should also know what all things get covered by travel insurance.

Mostly, medical emergencies are covered by travel insurance providers.

1. If you need any medical assistance during your travel.

2. You may have this myth that purchasing travel insurance will cover any extra expenses they might to do during their entire trip.

e.g: exchange of travel dates or if you need to cancel your trip due to any emergencies other than medical issues, you are not covered by the travel insurance.

We can never tell what might happen to us while we’re out there, so yeah, I guess it’s better to be ready than to be sorry.

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